What Happens After You Die? Messages:

4-4-21 "From Life to Life" - Easter Message - We all face our own mortality. We rejoice in the birth of a child and grieve in the death of those we love. Mankind has long desired to find a way to avoid death. One man’s solution was simply stated when he said, “I intend to live forever - so far so good.” We know that no human desire will keep us from the end of this life. The question is, “So what can we know about life and death?” That will be our focus today as we rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus, the Christ, our Lord and our Savior.

4-11-21 "What We Can Know" - To be human is to know that one day you will die. There is a veiled boundary between the life you live and the other side of the curtain. I don’t want this series to be simply speculation about what awaits after death, but rather what we can know from Scripture and experience in this life. In this message we will look at what we can know and as we proceed through this series, what we can expect once we leave this life.

4-18-21 "A Peek Behind the Curtain" - Our early view of what happens after we die is veiled by the curtain of death. We who are left as our loved one dies, wonder what they are experiencing. Next to God, the dead are the only group of people who really know what happens when a person dies. Science tries to give us some perspective on the death of the body by telling us there are two phases of death. The first stage is called clinical death. This phase can last from four to six minutes when a person stops breathing. The brain still may have enough oxygen to function by hearing and understanding what is happening. The other organs may also remain alive during the time of clinical death. The second stage of dying is known as biological death when the cells of the body begin to degenerate, the body’s organs, including the brain, shut down. What then?

4-25-21 "Eternity Without Christ" When God breathed into the nostrils of Adam the breath of life, man became a living soul. Adam passed on to every future human a number of attributes including the trichotomy of body, soul and spirit and also the existence of the soul and spirit that will never cease to exist. Man was designed to respond to his earthly environment through his five senses and will one day leave behind his physical body when his soul and spirit goes into eternity.

5-2-21 "Heaven and Hell" These are three things that are happening in our American culture spiritually. First, the culture is growing more and more anti-God and anti-Scripture. Second, the number of Americans that classify themselves as “Nones” is growing while those who affirm a relationship with God is dwindling. Third, many of those who claim to have a relationship with God are living as “practical atheists.” Today, we will explore what God says about heaven and about hell.

Special Day Messages:

5-9-21 "What Every Child Needs His/Her Mother to Understand" (Special Mother's Day) - Nothing is more exciting in the life of a family than the birth of a child. The same is true for the church. The church loves the little ones that God gives to the mothers and fathers of our church. There is a kind of nurturing in which the whole church becomes involved. Mothers need to be encouraged and helped with their calling. We love our mothers, whether young or old, and we want to let you know what a great calling you have.

5-16-21 "Holy Ground" - There’s a song I like called Closing Time. There is a line I always listen for that goes “…closing time, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Fortunately, North Village is not closing, but we are involved in a “new beginning” which is built on all of those who had a part in building and being the church in this place. Today we will naturally remember those good events that made this place “Holy Ground” for this church.

Encountering Jesus' Vision Messages:

2-14-21 "God So Loved ... So We Love." The times in which we live are so uncertain. Is there any reason to hope? That question is the silent reasoning of the hearts of many today. What is going to become of this world and what is going to become of me? Too often we tend to “hunker down” and attempt to just survive. Jesus, the Christ, didn’t have to leave heaven’s glory, but He did. The reason was people – just like you and me. Jesus said, “I have come to seek and to save what was lost.” Jesus has asked us to help in this great vision. He said, “Follow Me!”

2-21-21 "Encountering Jesus' Vision." When speaking of His mission coming to this world, Jesus said, “For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.” Jesus’ mission was to seek out those who were lost and broken and hurting. He went to where they were – to their towns, their homes and their front doors. With the Samaritan woman, Jesus went out of His way to meet her for a divine appointment with Messiah.

2-28-21 "Encountering Jesus' Promise" Two things are necessary to be involved in Jesus' Passion. First, a person must have a relationship of knowing Jesus and spending time with Him in prayer. It is still from Jesus that the power of evangelism comes. Second, a person must be willing to leave behind their personal plans and accept Jesus’ call to “follow Him.” When we go in evangelism we must know that it is Jesus that goes with us, or rather, we go with Him. How are you doing at following Jesus?

3-7-21 "Encountering Jesus' Process" We have explored Jesus’ Passion. God loves people and being God’s people we love people too. Just that statement is a challenge for us in the culture in which we live. We find that it is not enough just to give mental assent by saying you love people, that love must be acted out. Jesus has given us a promise as well that if we love people, He will allow us to engage the people around us. Jesus said, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” As in fishing, we go to where the fish are, in being fishers of men, we go to where the men are.

3-14-21 "Encountering Jesus' Purpose" Without going there can be no returning. Without going and returning there can be no rejoicing. Jesus is leading this church to the edge of our community with a command to “go!” All is well and good until it’s time to make the move. I am pretty sure that Jesus does not allow shoving. And yes, there is plenty to be done here inside the safety of the walls, but Jesus is sending us out there in our Jerusalem – Sunnyslope.

3-21-21 "Door to Door"

3-28-21 "Contagious!" When everything is said and done, more is usually said than done. We have come to the last admonition of this series about encountering the vision of Jesus. It is not simply about understanding that we should go, but a command to action to go. In a culture of pandemic where everyone is being told to “stay” home or at least six feet away, it seems odd to focus on going. Won’t those who go be contagious? We hope so! Jesus told the woman at the well, when she said she was going to tell everyone He was the Messiah, “I was counting on it.” Once again, we are to tell everyone that Jesus is our “Hope.” He is counting on it.

2021 Vision Messages:

1-3-21 "A Church Without Vision Has No Purpose" (Part 1) North Village is completing the first year of our three year vision. This year has been unique to say the least, yet God has allowed us to fulfill much of the vision for 2020. As we plan for the new year of 2021 we must look forward, yet we also must look at ourselves as well. With that thought we will take a look at the Church in Laodicea to help clarify and bring our vision into focus.

1-10-21 "A Church Without Vision Has No Purpose (Part 2) A number of years ago we adopted something called “Purpose Driven” ministry structure. The church is called to fulfill the purposes that Jesus Christ has given. It is through the church Jesus Christ works by way of the Holy Spirit. Just two years ago we understood the importance of vision giving direction to the purposes of our church. We are now entering the second year of a three year vision that we believe has been given to us by Christ. The ultimate goal and purpose of the church is to bring glory to God through the church.

1-17-21 "Remembering 2020 Vision" This Sunday we are not having our regular message as part of the service. Instead, we are going to remember the fulfillment of our 2020 Vision. We had a number of ways that the vision was implemented and many of our people participated. We are going to share the events and then ask our people to share what being involved in that event meant to them. We will still have our worship in song and then praise the Lord for His involvement in our church and His vision.

1-24-21 "North Village Vision - 2021" - Last week we reviewed our first year of a three year vision – 2020. Thank you for your participation. I was blessed and I hope you were blessed as well. This week I am presenting our 2021 Vision. I encourage you to listen, understand and commit to being the church in this new year. God has much in store for North Village.

1-31-21 "The Grace of Giving - 2021" - One characteristic of spiritual growth and maturity is becoming and being active in the grace of giving. To become faithful in your Christian stewardship, you need to understand what God expects and how to fulfill that expectation under grace. Today’s message is a reminder of our Christian stewardship.

Year End Messages 2020:

11-29-20 "Burning Ships" There is danger in complacency. Ground gained should be celebrated, but if you linger there too long, that ground can become hallowed and moving forward ceases to be the goal, the purpose, the vision. As we move forward with a second year of vision for the church, let us celebrate what was accomplished by the Lord and dedicate ourselves to new adventures in the Kingdom of God. To move forward we must leave some things behind to be able to advance.

12-3-20 "Keeping Your Spiritual Balance in an Unbalanced World" God’s Word tells us not to be ignorant of the devil’s devices. Those devices take the form of the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life. Those devices Satan has used effectively over the years since the beginning of time. Today we want to look at a method the enemy uses that is less well known. That method is to keep the Christian spiritually off balance. He does this by buffeting with different worldly tactics that don’t knock us flat, but keep us from standing firm and walking in the Spirit. These tactics are subtle but if known we can be on the lookout.

The Story of You

10-4-20 "Knowing and Hearing the Voice of God" (Part 1) - You are a unique creation of God. You are presently an earthbound creation but because of God’s grace, you are destined to live eternally in the Kingdom of God. You are a redeemed soul and spirit living in a physical body that causes a great deal of issues as you dwell inside. There is one truth that you must come to understand in this time – God wants you to hear His voice.

10-18-20 "Knowing and Hearing the Voice of God" (Part 2) - Do you think God has anything to say to you today, or this week. Has God ever spoken to you and you heard His message or perhaps you missed His message. This message has two points of emphasis. First, if you belong to God, He definitely wants to speak to you. Second, hearing God speak to you will increase your faith like nothing before.

10-25-20 "You Have Always Existed ... in the Mind of God" - Because of our limited finite existence, we will struggle in understanding the infiniteness of God. Whether we understand God or not, we are subjected to His infinite actions upon His creation and especially upon those who are the vessels of His mercy. Romans 9:15 Today we will examine some of the relationship we have with God long before the creation of the world.

11-8-20 "You Experienced Salvation" - Because of God’s choosing you and His foreknowledge with you He brought you to faith in the realm of time. You were secure in Him by His choosing and brought to faith by His decree. Psalm 117:1-2 Praise the Lord, all nations! Extol Him, all peoples! For great is His steadfast love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord! (ESV)

11-15-20 "Uniquely Equipped for God's Purpose" - God never decrees or acts without a divine purpose. That truth applies to you as well. In this message we will do our best to trace God’s hand in our story. We may not understand our story until we get to heaven, but trust that God has had a purpose in His relationship with you to accomplish His divine plan. If you have never understood God’s plan for you, maybe today you can start to understand and then act.

The Signs of His Coming

8-2-20 "The Days of Noah" Paul wrote to Timothy in his second letter, “In the last days, perilous times will come …” We are living in perilous times. We are going to take some time to study what the Scriptures tell us about the coming of Jesus Christ.

8-9-20 "Embellished and Slanted Prophecy" The thought that comes to mind is “scrambled Scriptures.” That applies to me in two ways. First, though I have studied and taught eschatology for years, I can identify with Paul’s statement that we see through a glass darkly. Eschatology can be difficult to understand. Second, the interpretations of good men seem to leave the teaching embellished and slanted to suit their beliefs. The goal of this study will be, to the best of my ability, to unscramble the Scriptures and to know and to teach what God’s Word says about the signs of Jesus Christ’s coming.

8-16-20 "Question 2 - What Will be the Sign of Your Coming?" Last week our focus was on Jesus’ prediction of the destruction of the Temple and the city of Jerusalem. Once Jesus was seated at the Mount of Olives, the disciples took the opportunity to ask Him three questions, The first question was “When will these things be?” This Sunday we will explore the second question, “What will the sign be of Your coming?”

8-23-20 "Faith, HOPE and Love" In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul presents three valuable spiritual commodities to be possessed by the followers of Jesus. He talks about faith and love, and most of us understand the importance of both. We walk and live by our faith and we do our best to act in love by allowing the love of Christ to flow through us. Of the three there is one which we need to tenaciously hold on to today – Hope. To hold on to hope, we need to understand exactly what our hope is.

8-30-20 "In the Presence of Jesus" Last week our study was concerning the "Blessed Hope" of the children of God. Our hope is not an event, but rather our hope is a person. Jesus Christ is our Blessed Hope. Today we will look more closely at Jesus as He met with the disciples in the upper room. If we look closely, we will see some things that we may have missed.

9-6-20 "Jesus is a Promise Keeper" Sometimes you have to admit things to yourself! I am a.d.d. (attention deficient disorder) when it comes to teaching prophecy. Maybe I didn’t have to tell you that. I tend to get ahead of myself before I am done with the basic foundation to build upon. Just our secret – that is also why I don’t bake! Well, let’s fill in some other the important truths we will need to have in place as we move forward in a real understanding of Biblical prophecy.

9-13-20 "Night and Day" Prophecy can be difficult to understand. There are some truths that one can count on when interpreting prophecy. One such truth is that the Scriptures teach that Jesus is coming back. That truth is often presented in a number of different ways. Interpreters differ as to when Jesus will return in relationship to the rapture and the tribulations. One thing they normally agree on is that there are only two types of people in prophecy – those who belong to God and those who do not belong to God .

9-20-20 "The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares" Jesus used the parabolic method of teaching His disciples and the people who gathered to hear Him. There are some reasons why Jesus spoke in parables. First, the stories were more easily understood by His disciples. Second, the parables were used to hide truth from those who would not receive it. For those who have the Holy Spirit indwelling, He teaches us those things that Jesus taught His disciples.

Series: What is Truth?:

4-19-20 "God Is Real" The Scriptures tell us that God is Spirit and to worship Him we must worship in Spirit and in Truth. All are born spiritually dead. Because of that deadness, man cannot respond to God. In order to respond to God a person must be made spiritual alive. Paul talks about this in Ephesians 2:1-5. God is not found through science, ideology or even religion. God is never found at all. God finds you by making you alive and giving you the faith to believe what is spiritually discerned.

4-26-20 "Jesus is Who He Claimed to Be" Too often, when thinking about a new series, the messages seem to fit well. However, once the messages are individually considered there is a need to sub-divide a message to share what is necessary for good understanding. Such is the case with Jesus Is Who He Claimed To Be. In this series, What is Truth, the Person of Christ is such a consideration. This message will be sub-divided into three messages – Who Christ Jesus Was, Who Christ Jesus Is, and Who Christ Jesus Will Be. You will understand as we move forward. In this series we started the teaching on Christ with Who He was and moved to Who He is. Now we will examine Who He will be.

5-3-20 "Jesus is Who He Claimed to Be" (Part 2) I encourage you to slow down and see all that you can be thankful for. It is a great day – The Sun came up again and that tells us – God is still in control and on His Throne.

And, if you hadn’t noticed, you still live in the great country of the United States of America. The things we take for granted someone else is praying for! One more thing, God is getting people’s attention – those He is drawn to His Son, Christ Jesus.

5-17-20 :Jesus is Who He Claimed to be" (Part 3) In this series we started the teaching on Christ with Who He was and moved to Who He is. Now we will examine Who He will be. Even in sharing the previous statement we are cast into a lack of understanding. Christ Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. To divine His ministry for us we must use a tool called time. It will be impossible for you and I to comprehend the infinite being finite. So let’s bear together as we move forward on the study in truth of Christ Jesus.

5-24-20 "The Reality of the Holy Spirit The most intimate Person of the Godhead in our life today is the Holy Spirit. We are instructed that the Holy Spirit dwells within us and yet, the vast majority of Christians know little about or have little experience with the Holy Spirit. A number of years ago the charismatic movement came into many the mainstream churches in America and there were two responses. Some Christians became attracted because of the music and experiences and others Christians withdrew and pulled away from anything involving the Holy Spirit. Let’s look at what the Scriptures tell us concerning our relationship with the Holy Spirit.

6-7-20 'Man's Greatest Problem" When a person is born into the world, it is a joyous occasion – except when it’s not. The understanding of a new born is dependency, but eventually a baby grows into a child and then an adult as along the way realities become known. Birth is the beginning of something called life and eventually that life will end in death. Upon further inquiry we find that death is the result of something called sin. Truth is there are some decisions that need to be made.

6-14-20 "Why Do the Heathen Rage?" We are living in a new world. The world is the same old place but the people and circumstances have changed, make this world a new place. How should we live in this world? Why is this world so graceless and why are its people filled with rage? In this message we will attempt to set some things back in place. Though this world is different than anything we have experienced before, the issues and the symptoms are not new. God is still in control!

6-28-20 "Eternity Without God" “Safe zones” are a modern requirement for some. “Safe zones” have sprung up across our country, especially in colleges and universities. In these “safe zones” people don’t have to be confronted with anything they don’t want to see or hear. There is a belief that a person will only be responsible for what they believe. The topic of hell is certainly banned from any kind of “safe zone.” My ultimate purpose today is not to prove the existence of hell, which I fully believe the Bible reveals, but to look at the views people in our world hold today about hell.

7-5-20 "Eternity Without God" Part 2

7-19-20 "Eternity With God" We are all too aware that this life is temporary. When we started this study we took time to that truth. We are born and soon we find out that one day we will die. Death is common to all people, but life after death is not the same. Jesus taught that there is a broad way that leads to destruction and a narrow way that leads to life eternal. Those who are God’s children through Jesus Christ have eternity with God to look forward to. I want to look at seven things that eternity with God offers.

7-26-20 "The Purpose of This Life" They say there are three kinds of people in our world. Those who make things happen. Those who watch things happen. Those who wonder what happened. Being made new in Christ comes with the directive to live as a new creation in Christ. There are somethings given to those in Christ in Scripture that is part of the purpose of new life. There are other things that apply in the days and times in which we live. We will look at both today. The question that we should ask and seek to answer is, “What does God expect of me?”

Series: 2020 Vision

12-29-19 "A Vision Together" This time today is not typical of a morning service at North Village. I was trying to think about what today would remind us of and the thought that came was “a huddle.” Hey, it’s football season and if you watch football, there is a great deal of huddling. What’s the purpose of a huddle? Decide the plan of attack. Make sure everyone knows what that plan is. Remind each player the importance of their part. I suppose that is kind of the same today for our church. We are going to talk about our plan or vision. We want to make sure every person who is a part of this church was the plan or vision is. Also, every person who is a part of this local body of Christ needs to commit to their responsibility.

1-5-20 "But God Directs His Path" God has given you a brand new year! We should never take the gift of time for granted. The Bible talks about time in terms like days, months, years and even ages. God established time and thereby the terms that we use when we speak of days and years. HAPPY NEW YEAR! As you walk through life in your physical body, you move to where you desire to go. As you move through your spiritual life, you take steps to where you want to go, but God orders your steps for His glory. Spiritual steps have carried you from your past to your present. What is your next step?

1-12-20 "The Grace of Giving 2020" One characteristic of spiritual growth and maturity is becoming and being active in the grace of giving. To become faithful in your Christian stewardship, you need to understand what God expects and how to fulfill that expectation under grace. Today’s message is a reminder of our Christian stewardship.

1-19-20 "The Gospel - Gone Missing!" This message continues our reminder of 2020 vision. It is possible to take something so for granted that we just assume that we have it. A study by family psychologists found that married couples can assume on each other so much that they don’t even hear each other anymore. Not only that, they really don’t even see each other anymore. Is it possible that the church today has lost the Gospel and doesn’t even know it?

1-26-20 "The Church" There are certain English words that enclose many definitions and applications. The church is one such word. Is it any wonder that people find it difficult to understand what defines the church. The church is divided up by denominations, liturgy, beliefs concerning almost every aspect of religion and faith. Church is divided over what constitutes salvation, faith, grace, heaven, hell and even the Word of God, etc. There are some Scriptural truths concerning the church which we will look at today. Every church should examine itself against God’s pattern for the church.

2-2-20 "Collecting Tickets for God" So, we have a vision! We have a plan! Those statements feel good when we say them in regard to serving God. Motivation for that vision and that plan are extremely important. Why have we decided to declare and vision and plan? Is it possible that we are trying to prove ourselves to God? Today we will see that serving our God is not a means to grace, but the result of His grace.

2-16-20 "The Fellowship of the Rope" There are times that a rope can come in handy. It seems that every time I need a rope, I can’t find one so I set out to Home Depot to buy the rope for what I need. There is much that a rope can accomplish. A rope can be used to tie things together, to hold things down, to pull something out of where it shouldn’t be, and an assortment of other duties. Mountain climbers depend on their ropes to keep them from falling and to guide them when they can’t see. Their rope also ties them together with other climbers so that if they lose their footing and fall, others will be able to catch them and restore them. We all need a rope.

Series: The People God Chooses ...

2-23-20 "Jochebed - Moses' Mother" We live our lives from a primary perspective. In other words, we see ourselves as the main character in our story. Often we come to believe that the world’s story is all about us. Truth is, most of us are not the main character in our story, but rather, God is using you as a support character in the story of someone else. You are still a vital part of what God is doing and it is important that you be faithful in doing your part but it’s not about you. How does that change your perspective?

3-1-20 "Miriam - Moses' Sister" Max Lucado wrote a dissertation entitled, Loving the People You’re Stuck With. Often, our greatest encouragement and issues come from the same people. Miriam was a great encouragement to Moses. Miriam also became a great liability in Moses ministry. Moses still loved Miriam, but that love was tested in the wilderness.

3-8-20 "When God Speaks to Moses" As children we learned the story of Moses and the burning bush. The account is a powerful illustration of how God spoke to Moses and convinced him to lead the Hebrew children out of bondage in Egypt. Most of us have had our own version of the “burning bush.” That “burning bush” for us was an intense time of God speaking to us and directing us to His will in our lives. Some people claim other direction, but those are not extremely reliable.

3-15-20 "Pharaoh - The Nemesis of Moses" You can understand that God would use those of like faith and belief to impact your life and direction. You would struggle to believe that God would use those who are not believers to impact and direct your life – but He does. Such was the case for Moses. God used a couple Pharaohs to reveal Himself to both Moses and those he lead.

3-29-20 "Aaron, Moses' Brother" If you hadn’t noticed, God never uses perfect people to accomplish His will. The reason for that is there are no perfect people. If you think you have found a perfect person, just wait, you will find that they are not perfect but flawed. Aren’t you glad that God can still use you?

4-5-20 "God and Moses" Moses was highly regarded by God and called by God to do the great task of bringing the Hebrew nation out of bondage in Egypt. There is no doubt that Moses was a great servant and a great man. God used Moses to do many great things, but to whom much is given, much shall be required. Ultimately, Moses missed the very event that God had called him to accomplish. Moses service was a great success for the assembly, but a great failure for him.

Special Speakers:

5-31-20 Steve Evers, special speaker

7-12-20 Gary Howell, special speaker

9-27-20 Craig Clapper, special speaker

10-11-20 Kenny Shadday, special speaker

2-7-21 Peter Mordh, missionary to the Philippines