Reminder of Vision:

11-21-21 The Memorial of Vision - We forget. Sometimes I have a great thought and it is so great that I say to myself, “I’ll remember that!” Guess what? I forgot! Sometimes I dream great thoughts and when I wake up, I think, “I’ll remember that.” I forget! Then I say, “I am going to get a pad and pencil and put on my nightstand.” Guess what? I forgot! The same is true for the church. We at times have great thoughts that we think we will remember, but we forget! There are three things that we need to be reminded of: The Great Commandment and the Great Commission; the Vision given to our church; and the Five Purposes for our church. Today’s message is simply a reminder.

Dedication of Sanctuary:

10-3-21 "People of Refuge" God is amazing. We have not strength in ourselves but only the strength and direction that God gives. He has blessed us on His own will. Not because we sought a blessing, or that He needed to bless us in any way, yet He chose to do good to us. What a blessing we experience today to be in such a beautiful sanctuary. The term sanctuary means, “the dwelling place of God.” Next week we will focus on that aspect of God’s dwelling place, but for now we sense that God’s blessing on us requires a like response to do good for Him.

10-10-21 "The Wow Factor" Though God has never been in need of anything or anyone, being sufficient in Himself alone, He desired to create and reveal His glory to His creation - especially mankind. Though God doesn’t need man, He desired a people for Himself and longs to be with His people. That truth is the greatest basis of the “Wow Factor.” Please follow that thought as we move through the message today.

The Seven Letters to the Churches of Revelation Message:

8-1-21 "The Writer of the Seven Churches of Revelation" Someone has said, “We are living in unprecedented times.” We may feel like that, but that is not a true statement. In your lifetime you may not have seen things happen like they are in the present, but in the history of Christianity in the world, there have been very difficult and dark times. It will do you well to be reminded of the One who is the Alpha and Omega, the Lord God and the Almighty. We will begin today to read His instructions to historic churches and the church in general in its age. We begin today with the Writer of the letters.

8-8-21 "John's Flashbulb Memory" Have you ever had a “flashbulb” memory? What is it? Good question. A “flashbulb” memory is an event or experience that gets etched in your brain. It can be produced when something traumatic happens. Most Americans can tell you the exact minute, where they were and what they were doing when they saw the events of 9-11. Not only can you recall a “flashbulb” memory, you fell that memory as well.

8-15-21 "Welcome to Ephesus" It is difficult to understand a church if one does not know the setting where the church is located. Every place a church is established has a tendency to establish the ministry of that church in method. That was especially true of the Church at Ephesus. In this message we will explore the area and the city. We will take a tour of the culture of Asia Minor and the part that Ephesus played in that culture. We will explore the city itself and look at its draw and what people could expect to find with their visit. We will meet the people who lived in Ephesus and see the issues that Christianity faced in Ephesus. Welcome to Ephesus.

8-22-21 "Christ's Letter to the Church at Ephesus" The letters of Christ to the seven churches of Revelation are love letters. Christ say, “Those who I love I rebuke and discipline.” (Rev. 3:19) Remember, nothing happens in the life of the Christian by chance. When God brings correction and discipline to you, remember He is doing that because He loves you. It is Christ Who ministers through His churches and the churches are His tools - His means and methods.

8-29-21 "Love and Hate" The first generation church, of which the Church at Ephesus was a part, had many great qualities. They would have identified strongly with the Church at Jerusalem as if is described in Acts 2:42-47. The Church at Ephesus was taking shape the Body of Christ. As it was conceived and had come into existence, like a volcano, over time it began to cool. Christ addresses one of the evidences of that cooling.

9-19-21 "Three Dangers for the Church at Ephesus" The most important concern for the church is that it is empowered by Jesus Christ. We tend to think of the church as belonging to us, but it doesn’t. In the truest sense, the church is the possession of Christ and it is His means of working in the world as the Body of Christ. The church must always take concern when instructed that something is wrong and that something could cost the presence of Christ.

10-17-21 "Smyrna - the Second Church and the Second City" The Church at Ephesus had been admonished about “losing their first love.” Perhaps the key ingredient in the Christian life and structure must be and always will be love. Often, the quality of love slips away quietly until something brings it to the surface. The Church at Smyrna had not be admonished, but had been alerted to pending persecution. This church was reminded of the promises of the One who provides life over death.

10-24-21 "Smyrna - Love and Suffering" If the first mark of a true and living church is love, the second is suffering. The one is naturally consequent on the other. A willingness to suffer proves a genuineness of love. We are willing to suffer for those we love. The Christians in Smyrna had held strongly to their love for Jesus Christ and for each other. They were prepared to suffer for Jesus Christ because of their great love for Him. Like Peter and John, they were “rejoicing they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name, the Name of Jesus.

10-31-24 "Smyrna - The Suffering Church" There are those who believe that the seven churches of Revelation represent seven dispensations of the church age. This position is known as Dispensationalism. This position is not confirmed by the Scripture giving us what Jesus said, but rather, giving us what men think He said. One can draw some parallels, however, from the seven churches of Revelation to time periods, but at certain places you have to pound square pegs in round holes. In regard to the first two church of Ephesus and Smyrna one can find the first generation church of Ephesus that is found lacking in love and the church of Smyrna, the persecuted and suffering church.

Five Reasons Christians Need the Church Message:

5-30-21 "The Church's Foundational Truths" - The Scriptures teach us that God ordained three divine institutions. He ordained the home or family. God ordained government. God ordained the church. The word, “ordained” means to “set in order.” God did this in Genesis 2 with the creation of Eve for a helpmeet for Adam. God defined this in regard to government in Romans 13:1-7 when the Spirit speaks of the government’s responsibility to punish evil and protect those who do good. God sets governments in place and He will hold those in power accountable for not following His instruction. God did this in the ordination of the church purchased by the blood of Jesus. Jesus Christ established His church in Matthew 16. In this series we will focus on the church.

6-6-21 The Church Provides Equipping - I know that this series is “preaching to the choir.” This series is to encourage those who have opted out on church involvement to see why involvement in the church is vital to their spiritual welfare. In each message I will remind you of what we covered the week before and set the stage for moving forward.

6-13-21 The Church Provides Nurturing and Caring - In this message we will look at the changing social climate today and the effect it has on the church. In the church’s attempt to be relevant to its culture, some of the “old ways” have been abandoned and new methods employed. Even in this perilous culture, the church needs to know and use God’s call to this world.

7-18-21 "The Church Provides Power" - Physics tells us that there is no such thing as “perpetual motion.” Everything, even our universe is “running down.” The same thing is true with your spiritual life. There is no such thing as “spiritual perpetual motion.” As Christians, we need to be charged in our spiritual walk. The place of that charging is in the Body of Christ, the church.

What Happens After You Die? Messages:

4-4-21 "From Life to Life" - Easter Message - We all face our own mortality. We rejoice in the birth of a child and grieve in the death of those we love. Mankind has long desired to find a way to avoid death. One man’s solution was simply stated when he said, “I intend to live forever - so far so good.” We know that no human desire will keep us from the end of this life. The question is, “So what can we know about life and death?” That will be our focus today as we rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus, the Christ, our Lord and our Savior.

4-11-21 "What We Can Know" - To be human is to know that one day you will die. There is a veiled boundary between the life you live and the other side of the curtain. I don’t want this series to be simply speculation about what awaits after death, but rather what we can know from Scripture and experience in this life. In this message we will look at what we can know and as we proceed through this series, what we can expect once we leave this life.

4-18-21 "A Peek Behind the Curtain" - Our early view of what happens after we die is veiled by the curtain of death. We who are left as our loved one dies, wonder what they are experiencing. Next to God, the dead are the only group of people who really know what happens when a person dies. Science tries to give us some perspective on the death of the body by telling us there are two phases of death. The first stage is called clinical death. This phase can last from four to six minutes when a person stops breathing. The brain still may have enough oxygen to function by hearing and understanding what is happening. The other organs may also remain alive during the time of clinical death. The second stage of dying is known as biological death when the cells of the body begin to degenerate, the body’s organs, including the brain, shut down. What then?

4-25-21 "Eternity Without Christ" When God breathed into the nostrils of Adam the breath of life, man became a living soul. Adam passed on to every future human a number of attributes including the trichotomy of body, soul and spirit and also the existence of the soul and spirit that will never cease to exist. Man was designed to respond to his earthly environment through his five senses and will one day leave behind his physical body when his soul and spirit goes into eternity.

5-2-21 "Heaven and Hell" These are three things that are happening in our American culture spiritually. First, the culture is growing more and more anti-God and anti-Scripture. Second, the number of Americans that classify themselves as “Nones” is growing while those who affirm a relationship with God is dwindling. Third, many of those who claim to have a relationship with God are living as “practical atheists.” Today, we will explore what God says about heaven and about hell.

Special Day Messages:

5-9-21 "What Every Child Needs His/Her Mother to Understand" (Special Mother's Day) - Nothing is more exciting in the life of a family than the birth of a child. The same is true for the church. The church loves the little ones that God gives to the mothers and fathers of our church. There is a kind of nurturing in which the whole church becomes involved. Mothers need to be encouraged and helped with their calling. We love our mothers, whether young or old, and we want to let you know what a great calling you have.

5-16-21 "Holy Ground" - There’s a song I like called Closing Time. There is a line I always listen for that goes “…closing time, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Fortunately, North Village is not closing, but we are involved in a “new beginning” which is built on all of those who had a part in building and being the church in this place. Today we will naturally remember those good events that made this place “Holy Ground” for this church.

6-20-21 - Father's Day - "And You Fathers" - As a pastor I am thankful for the Christian men and fathers that God has given to North Village. Men especially need other men. The Bible says in Proverbs 27:17, “…iron sharpens iron.” Men need other men to teach them, to encourage them and hold them accountable. We will see God’s blessing on men and His great plan for them.

7-4-21 "Living in a Post-Christian Nation" - America is embroiled in a spiritual and political revolution. In our country’s two party systems we find one holding to liberalism and socialism while the other advocates conservative values and democracy. A third group of people consider themselves as independent from these two parties. There are some obvious conclusions we can draw from what is happening. There is a political revolution that will stop at nothing for their side. Neither democrats nor republicans have the desire or the ability to fix America’s problems. Only God alone has the answers for the issues America faces, but no one is asking or listening.

11-7-21 International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Churches

11-28-21 "If the Foundations Be Destroyed" from Psalm 11 - We are living in precarious times. We are witnessing an erosion of what we hold to be divine values at an exponential rate. Every day we hear and see of values being attacked. In verse 3 David voices a concern when he says, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? He goes on to give divine counsel for the Christian living in his times and our times. May the Holy Spirit, through David, minister that counsel to us.

Special Speakers:

2-7-21 Peter Mordh, missionary to the Philippines

5-23-21 Richard Nungesser, missionary to Poland

7-11-21 D.J. Mathews, special speaker

9-5-21 D.J. Mathews, special speaker

9-12-21 Kenny Shadday, special speaker

9-26-21 Craig Clapper, special speaker

11-14-21 D.J. Mathews, special speaker