2022 Junior Camp

We had 7 girls and 7 boys go to camp this  week as well as 4 counselors.  

June 27th - Day 1

Here are pictures of eating lunch on the way to camp!

Here are the girls setting into the cabin.  They got a new cabin with their own bathrooms and showers and even has air conditioning!

Here are the boys in their cabin

Here is the first night dinner.

Free time (gaga ball)

Random pictures on the first day

Games "Hide the Counselors" - Our team won!  We are the green team and the name of the team is "TRIUMPHANT!!"

June 28 - DAY 2

They made it through the first day and night!  This morning they are waiting in line for breakfast.

After breakfast they went on a hike!

Boys & girls archery!

Girls went swimming.  It's supposed to be a heat pool, but it wasn't heated so the boys didn't want to swim!

Here's the boys "hanging around."

Tuesday night chapel - Ari & David were chosen to be involved in the dramatization of Joseph being thrown into the pit!

End of night game - Human Foosball

June 29 - Day 3:

Waiting in line for breakfast - these kids must be hungry in the mornings, always shows them in line for food!

Craft time ...

Field games ... looks like most of the girls "sat out"

Zip Line

Raining outside so had to go into the gym to play dodge ball

After the rain let up, they hung outside and played horse shoes!

Chapel - Kenny helped with the story of Moses (he was the old Moses)!

June 30 - Day 4:

Rock wall today!

Last day for archery

Gaga Ball

Dodgeball in the gym

Frisbee Golf

Hanging out!

Last day for Zipline

Last night shenanigans!  Girls cabin ...


Last morning waking up!

Eating breakfast before heading home!

Waiting for the vans to be loaded up and the boys driving home!