2016 Mexico

The team has been formed to go to Tepic, Nayarit Mexico. We will be constructing a 50'x50' Awana (Oansa) court for the Huichol Indians in the La Bendicíon Church. The team will be led by Kenny Shadday and the team members are Carrie Holtgrewe, Emmy Boardman, Mike Unger, Chris Hill, Barb Hannah and Lori Lee. The team will leave on Friday, June 3rd and return on Saturday, June 11th. Please pray for the team as they raise their support and prepare to go.

The team arrived in Mexico on Friday, June 3rd. Debbie was at the airport to meet the team in Guadalajara and rode the bus to Tepic. After arriving they walked to the taco stand.

On Friday, June 4th the team went to the village of the La Bendicion and formed the first of four forms for the Awana game court. In addition they began painting the bathrooms. This afternoon the team help at the Awana Fair by running a booth. This evening the team attended the youth group. Carrie practiced playing the violin to play with the Mexico worship team on Sunday morning.

Here are pictures taken the the first two days:

Monday, June 6 - we had our first full day in the village. Everyone worked hard pouring the first of 4 concrete pads and painting the bathrooms. We had dinner at Martin's sister and brother-in-laws. Here are pictures from day 1 of the project:

The girls all cleaned up heading to dinner:

Tuesday, June 7 - Day two of the project - Here are the pictures from day 2 of the project:

Two pads down, two pads to go!

Wednesday, June 8 - Day three of the project ... three pads down, one pad to go!

Thursday, June 9 - The last day and the last pad:

Friday, June 10 - Our last full day in Mexico. Job done ... time to relax at the beach: