2019 Kenya/Poland

This year, we sent out 2 teams of 3 to two different locations.

The first team members were Kenny Shadday, Rick Sparks and Rick and Toni’s son Micah who left on June 27 for Nairobi, Kenya to participate in a celebration of the Children of Promise ministry and help build a pastor’s home. They returned on July 6th.

The second team members were Pastor Phil McKeown, Josh McIntyre and Jenessa McIntyre. They flew to Poznan, Poland where they will be ministering in a Family camp with Piotr Zaremba and his international church. They will be in Poland through July 22.

Sunday, July 14: A text from Pastor:

We have arrived safely and at work ministering to the camp. Josh and Jenessa are doing well and I will be sharing with the adults in a little while.

I’ve included the food to let Duane know what he is missing - pork often!

We will send more pictures and information as we continue. Please pray God will use us for his glory.

Tuesday, July 16: A text from Pastor:

I just want to give you an update to share. Everything is going well. Josh and Jenessa are doing a great job with the kids. Piotr has been leading a study in Job which is good as always. I covered my third study on communication. I have been speaking with five different couples that are struggling with different areas in their marriages. Tomorrow I will be teaching what the Bible says about divorce and remarriage and Thursday about the physical relationship in marriage.

There is a great atmosphere among the people and we are being well received. Thank you for your prayers.

Pastor and Josh and Jenessa.

PS. It was a high of 68 here today.

Saturday, July 20, 2019: A text from Pastor:

This is the group from family camp. We had a great time and Josh, Jenessa and I were able to make some great and lasting friendships.

I will be speaking at K5N which is Piotr’s church tomorrow. We fly out Monday for London and will do some sightseeing on Tuesday in London. Josh and Jenessa will take off Wednesday the 24th for Phoenix and will get in to Terminal 4 International Arrivals on American at 12:25 pm.

I will be heading to Wales Wednesday and will return to Phoenix on Monday the 29th in American at 12:35 pm. I am looking forward to being back with my spiritual family.

Pray for our travel and return. I love you all.


Pastor Phil